Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows

Well, at least rainbows. British designers Ed Meadham and Ben Kirchoff have solved once and for all every single one of our hair colour doubts. Sentences like "what colour should I get my hair done?" "Is pink really cooler than blue? Because four months ago blue was way cooler." "I guess pink is more GaGa." "The real it colour right now is deep green." "Yellow is mayj too..." "Yellow is quite GaGa too" were recurring in our everyday conversations (at least in mine) until Meadham Kirchoff came up with its S/S 2011 show. Now we can all stop worrying our pretty little heads, and instead just get a mix of all the "it" colours so that our little heads will be really outstandingly pretty.
I feel so tempted by this... Would you wear it?


  1. bah, I can't believe I only read your last post now (shame on me -.-) Great article about fashion week ^^
    About the hair, I wouldn't wear it, but got to admit it's quite radical and outstanding :)

  2. Oh goodness, the hair! Want.

  3. C'est drôle, je sais même pas dire si t'es ironique ou pas... en tout cas c'était un de mes shows préférés à Londres, et je le ferais volontiers, sauf qu'après quelques semaines mes cheveux auraient un aspect super charmant à cause de la décoloration!
    mais qui sait, Halloween?

  4. Ah hahaha non je ne suis pas du tout ironique, j'adore ça! Le défilé était magnifique mais surtout l'effet des cheveux multicolores est complètement inespéré!
    Parfait pour Halloween indeed! Je vais commencer à demander aux coiffeurs que je connais comment faire! :)


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